Interesting Links

I thought that I would use this page to put in a Link to some websites or blogs that I have found interesting and hope that you do too! Just click on underlined link to go to the websites.

First of all there is Heaton Park where I am a voluntary Health Walk leader at the 11am to 12pm Sunday morning walks. The park is beautiful at all times of the year and the walks are every Sunday except Christmas day and the walkers there are a friendly lot! We meet just outside the farm, near the clock, if you see a strange group of people with boots on, lingering about, that’s us.               

The Lighthouse Project in Middleton is a drop in centre with a heart of gold! It is also a charity and a number of volunteers help out. There is a Work Club and Computer courses and more, with an area to just sit and have a brew and chat if you wanted! ps if anybody has a chess set that they do not want then please drop it in at the centre or give to me on our ramble days, cheers. For model train enthusiasts there is a group who are now setting up their models in a room in the same building.     

Dunge Valley Rhododendron Gardens is a riot of colour and scents at this time of the year and so worth a visit! It is only about 35 minutes from Heaton Park – in Kettlewell – depending on traffic. The guy there is very interesting and there is an amazing amount of bird life! has some interesting walks on and is worth a look at. They organised 2011’s walk from Heaton Park to Manchester!             

One for the girls here The beauty clinic on Moston lane is wonderful, a warm welcoming relaxing place to go and be pampered! 

If you are looking for a lovely drive out and a really tasty meal at a garden center then the Gardenmakers in Wigglesworth is just the job. It is an interesting experience and once bitten, you will be back for more!

My latest find is Ski Rossendale I recently took two of my grandchildren for a private skiing lesson which was their Christmas present from me. They had a great time, the views from there are fantastic, especially with the snow on the hill-tops and it worked out less expensive than I thought so that was great too. Home made soup in the cafe, very yum yum! is a website run by a dedicated lady called Colette who helps to keep the culture and history of Middleton alive!  

Rhodes Chatter is another blog site run by another dedicated person, a guy called Lee. There is some really interesting information regarding Alkrington Woods on the site which is  not far from Heaton Park.    

Climb uk is a fabulous place, I took two of my grandsons as a Christmas present!They have indoor rock and bolder climbing and abseiling.


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