Fund Raising for Chrisantus

A BIG THANK YOU to those who donated this month for Chrisantus. We have now raised £155 which will buy him some text books for his course. YEAH!! Nigel and Jenny have sent a big thank you too, they say that it will make such a difference to Chrisantus. Nigel says: Hi Jacqueline – thanks a million to you and your friends
I thought you/your friends might find this interesting; Chris is on work placement at the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital at Cape Coast (Ghana) as a part of his training.

He is finding it quite tough!

As you may or may not know, my brother Nigel and his wife Jenny spent two years in Ghana doing Voluntary Overseas Service. After doing a lot of valuable work over there and returning to the UK, they told me of their exploits. The village that they live in had supported and funded many of the projects which Nigel and Jenny oversaw. They themselves decided to fund a young man called Chrisantus through his medical training as a nurse. Chrisantus’s family do not have cash, they have goats and make earthenware pots.

I have also supported Chrisantus when using a party or an organised walk in order to raise money, one of which involved the Heaton Park Ramblers! I thought that I would use this page to show the photos which Nigel has sent me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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